Use our API service to automate onboarding and eliminate the fear of onboarding the wrong clients.  Our office will thoroughly check every client and keep your business safe. Our KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and lawyers’ inspections create a safer business environment for your company, therefore eliminating any risk of unreliable onboarding. Learn more about the Wallex anti-money laundering services.


Fully Compliant with Regulations

We offer services for digital, debt and stock assets, fully compliant with US Securities Regulations comprising of forms S-1, S-11 and more of initial public offerings, as well as Regulations A, D, SF and S of private offerings. Learn from about our anti-money laundering compliance checks.

Technology Driven Services

Get the complete set of services delivered using the best technology with our back-office support and compliance.

Global Scale

We provide global screening processes on any customers, no matter what country they are from and manage country-specific laws, rules and regulations to safely onboard and maintain international clients for you.

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Reduce Your Risk of Fraud

Through our legal department, we will inspect your customers’ identity to confirm if the information provided is legitimate and provide a source of fund inspection to extend the reach of your due diligence and lower your overall risk. 

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Improve Customer Experience

Run your obligatory inspections with the industries premium compliance service. Designed to focus on the user, onboarding will be an easy and painless process. 

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