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Wallex | TRUST provides holistic trust services to people living in selected parts of the world. We have worked for decades in the industry, thoroughly understand the needs of our clients for Estate Planning. As a Trust company, we have managed assets for families and estates for the benefits of the vulnerable, young, old, friends, charity, and fellow business owners. We serve with professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. We also develop a strong relationship with our clients and their beneficiaries and help them fulfil their legacy and protect their loved ones in every way possible. Wallex has been in the trustee service industry since 1995. We have a strong track record of providing dedicated, ongoing trust administration and value-added advice that upholds your wishes for the future.

Our Trustee Services Are: Convenient, Professional, Affordable

The Wallex | TRUST Trustee Services is designed to give you exceptional value for your money.

Ad-Hoc Solutions for every business needs

We offer comprehensive investment solutions tailored to address and meet your situation & needs.

Executorship and Estate Administration

Appoint Wallex | TRUST Trustee as the Executor of your estate in order to provide peace of mind to your loved ones. Our strength lies in the combined experience of our management and staff in conducting Executorship and Estate Administration, across multiple jurisdictions within Europe and the USA. Prevent family discord and preserve relationships by having a Professional Trustee handle your estate. If you are alone, be assured that your final wishes are carried out by a Professional Trustee.

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Life Insurance Trusts

Fund A Life Insurance Trust to take care of yourself when you are most vulnerable. When you are physically and/or mentally weak, your risk increases of being potentially harmed by fraudsters, undie influence, and corrupt people. With Wallex | TRUST Trustee, you are not alone, and you will be able to ensure yourself the peace of mind and strength to recover from your illness and disability.

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Investment Trusts

Create an Investment Trust with Wallex | TRUST Trustee. The funds which you have entrusted to us can be invested under the advice of an appointed financial advisor of your choice. It can be invested in a portfolio of unit trusts depending on your risk profile and time horizon to generate an income for the continual cash flow for you, your loved ones and even future generations. On the other hand, if you feel that you are competent and capable of making your own investment decisions, you can also reserve the investment powers of the Trust.

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Property Trusts

Create a Property Trust to hold properties for Minors and potentially enjoy some tax savings. Use a Property Trust to ensure a loved one will have a roof over their head till passed on, without risking the house being lost to creditors or bad influence.

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Charitable Trusts

Create a Charitable Trust with Wallex | TRUST Trustee where we will help you contribute back to the Society. Let your children learn about ethical values by being involved in a Charity Trust. Create a legacy for your family name by setting up a Charitable Trust, with the security of Wallex | TRUST Trustee.

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Asset Protection Trusts

Create an Asset Protection Trust with Wallex | TRUST Trustee and potentially protect your assets from future creditors when sudden financial storms hits your business. We will assist you in structuring a trust to protect your assets against such financial crisis for your family.

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Elder Trusts

Create an Elder Trust with Wallex | TRUST Trustee to ensure that your stability with your finances, lifestyle, and not to be compromised by scammers and frauds. Protect your hard-earned assets from undue influence when you are most vulnerable and of age.

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Trust For Young Persons

Will you destroy your younger generation by gifting too much money when they are too young? Plan early and ensure that your wealth will be managed correctly helping your young ones by ensuring they receive their funds for the right reasons and at the right time. Structure your funds to take into account if your beneficiaries enter marriages, file for bankruptcy, or if they take on negative financial habits such as gambling. 

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Mass Affluent Trusts

Wallex | TRUST Trustee has the solution for the busy professionals, managers, executives and businessmen. Start right away and set aside some funds to invest in your future via a balanced fund with a leading asset management company to grow your assets.

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Business Value Protection Trusts

Business Value Protection Trusts is the solution to ensure that there is an efficient transition of the business to the other co-owner/s and the value of your share of the business is protected upon the happening of an unfortunate event such as death, incapacity, ill health, bankruptcy, divorce, loss of professional license, retirement and deadlock between co-owners.

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We have fixed rates and offers that will not only give you the convenience you need, but will also put you in full control of your will — no pun intended. If you’re ready, let’s talk.